I don’t believe it matters how long it takes you to find your calling--as long as you find it eventually. I certainly took the long way around to becoming a writer. The path I took--part-time jobs from the seventh grade through college, Merit Scholarship winner, Presidential Scholar, Princeton University dropout, communications technician in the U.S. Navy Reserve, Princeton University graduate, group insurance salesman, underwriter, account executive, management accountant, tax accountant, software installer, systems administrator, computer help desk employee, Unix support provider, webserver administrator, online learning systems administrator, and tornado survivor--made me a different writer than I would have been had I skipped any of the stops along the way.

The Screaming Sword

Sokhal's Star

The Scattered Winds

Who Needed Killing?

The Deacon Needed Killing

She Needed Killing

He Needed Killing Too

He Needed Killing

Two Needed Killing


These stories are unrelated to the “He Needed Killing” stories by James E. Gaskin located here.