Young Adult Fantasies: Sokhal’s Star

Sokhal's Star

Book 2 in Song of Narne

Kenrad held the pendant in his clasped hands. Sokhal’s Star flickered then began to glow brighter and brighter; light streamed out from between his fingers. Magic! The likes of which Blumgar had never seen. Kenrad’s hands were ablaze, burning with a light so strong it hurt the eyes. Suddenly the night was lit by a burst of lightning, as if the sun had exploded. The attackers broke their silence with screams of agony that quickly died away. In the eerie quiet that followed, Blumgar stared at the hairs on his forearm. They were shriveled by the heat, like those of a blacksmith.

“Song of Narne is a change from Fitts's earlier books, but his knack for telling a compelling story survives the transition. The detailed world he creates and the fascinating characters that exist there draw you into a compelling saga.”

—ZReader, Oct. 2016