Young Adult Fantasies: Song of Narne

The Screaming Sword

The Screaming Sword invites you into a world of magical powers—some sought after, others reluctantly accepted. A satisfying tale in its own right, it invitingly sets the stage for what's to come.”

—VZ, Oct. 2016

Sokhal’s Star

“Song of Narne is a change from Fitts's earlier books, but his knack for telling a compelling story survives the transition. The detailed world he creates and the fascinating characters that exist there draw you into a compelling saga.”

—ZReader, Oct. 2016

The Scattered Winds

“This book is the best of the series. The world he created became so real to me. Enjoyed the cast of characters and how they developed from book 1! There had better be a book 4.”

—Janice D., Feb. 2020

Cozy Mysteries: The Needed Killing Series

He Needed Killing

“Fitts establishes Crawford as a likable fellow. He enjoys cooking and has a cat and a dog. . . . [Even] more fun, and somewhat provocative, is his running commentary on life on campus and in ‘Shelbyville,’ when the novel turns to satire.”

—Don Noble, Tuscaloosa News, May 5, 2013

He Needed Killing Too

“Bill Fitts clearly understands about secrets in small southern university towns, and his reluctant detective, James F. Crawford, is the kind of guy you’d like to join for dinner—preferably one he’s prepared.”

—Judy Leavell, Snellville (Ga.) Arts Commission, Jan. 2014

She Needed Killing

“The Needed Killing Series has a pleasing premise. In each novel, and this is the third, the murder victim is obnoxious and widely disliked. This not only makes the reader feel better about the death, it also swells the number of suspects.”

—Don Noble, Tuscaloosa News, Oct. 27, 2013

The Deacon Needed Killing

“Bill Fitts’s fourth book in the Needed Killing Series is another great read. He is able to create totally different plots and characters while continuing to develop those we have enjoyed in previous books. . . . I  am looking forward to his next book.”

—”Grandma,” Apr. 22, 2014

Who Needed Killing?

“Fitts has a relaxing style, very rich in both content and context, eloquent and informational. This is not for readers who just want to know what happens next. Slow down and enjoy the journey.”

—”Ruskin, FL,” July 7, 2015

Two Needed Killing

Two Needed Killing shows the same good features as the earlier books—clean prose, approachable characters, good dialogue. Great opening scene. Puts Crawford and the reader right into a situation that unfolds logically.  It's a good, cleverly constructed story.”

—Audrey D., Feb. 2018