Cozy Mysteries: The Deacon Needed Killing

The Deacon Needed Killing

Book 4 in the Needed Killing Series

“Howdy. Find the sword you’re looking for?” The policeman eyed me carefully. “Who said anything about a sword?” I pointed behind me at the house with my thumb. “The guys inside found and tagged a bunch of swords right off the bat.” I’d stirred up his curiosity and like a good policeman he was going to satisfy it. “Mister, just who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing here?”

“Bill Fitts’s fourth book in the Needed Killing Series is another great read. He is able to create totally different plots and characters while continuing to develop those we have enjoyed in previous books. . . . I  am looking forward to his next book.”

—”Grandma,” Apr. 22, 2014