Planning a quest in Narne? Then you need Quest Advisor.

Bound in nearly indestructible zardoc hide, the portable edition of QA fits neatly into tunic or saddlebags. Folios are hand stitched with strips of rawhide made from carefully cured leather. Family-owned and -operated for lo these many years, our company strives for excellence in all we do.

Among other outstanding features, Quest Advisor includes a hand-drawn map of Narne depicting all the major trade routes, as well as towns and important landmarks (e.g., the Ruins of Akara).

You will also find candid reviews of inns and taverns by heroes and heroines who have traversed the length and breadth of Narne—from the cold rocky north coast to the rainforests of the south, from Citha-by-the-Sea to Rethau. QA even has reviews from the Distant Lands. No other Narne adventure guide can say the same.

Need to find a tavern in Triam or a warehouse in Orale? Let Quest Advisor be your native guide. And once your workday ends, check out the review section before you head out for your evening meal.

Wondering what to expect as you cross the Plains of the Lettorrand or travel from Triam to the Woods of Wrenthia? QA has you covered. Divided into convenient geographic-based sections, this handy guide will answer all your questions—and more. QA is an indispensable travel companion.

When you’ve completed your own quest, please consider leaving a review for your fellow questers in the Comments section.

“My last quest would almost certainly have failed had it not been for Quest Advisor. Whether you are a full-time adventurer or merely enjoy an occasional quest, I highly recommend taking QA along.”

—A Quester par Excellence

Quest Advisor: Don’t Saddle Up without It.